Today we are going to discuss a very important topic in Google Ads. This may not be required right away, but whenever required you need this on an urgent basis.

How to migrate an old account

When do we need this: In case of account ban, account segregation or in performance enhancement you might have to migrate all or parts of your account data needs to be transferred to a new account or in an existing account.

If you are into the client or freelancing business, Many Times client may ask you to segregate some products into another account, or they may ask that previous site wasn’t built up properly, they may shift into the new site with a new domain.

Creating the campaign setup, in the same way, is quite difficult or time taking.

Now here comes the solution, There are multiple ways to do the migration. But I will be going to discuss a way which is super easy and will take 10 minutes to complete the process in a hassle free way.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1:

First You need to Sign-up to the new Google Ads account, and complete the necessary setup. If you have already done that, then login to both old & new account using your web browser.

Secondly, you need to download “Google Adwords Editor”. I hope you have already aware about the Google Adwords editor, if not you may go to my another post “101 of Google Adwords Editor”.

By Logging in to the Adwords Editor using in-app login add both of your accounts, in that case, remember the “customer ID” for the recognition.

If you are using MCC Account(Like Mine), it will give you option to download campaigns from your account to Adwords editor tool. Select your existing account to download the campaigns into the editor tool.

If you Double click on both Customer Id separately, It will open two different windows for two different accounts. Now you need to select what exactly you want to see on the Adwords editor window. I would recommend importing exactly those campaigns which you want to shift into the other account.

Once the above step is done, Just go the Old account windows and select all of the Campaigns.

Now Copy The Campaigns by right-clicking on the selected items.

Come back to the new blank account window and just paste what have copied in the last step.

#Data and settings in moved or copied campaigns

Performance statistics: Your Campaigns Previous Performance data statistics, such as impressions and clicks, don’t transfer to the newly created campaign.

Flexible bid strategies: Flexible Bidding strategy will be replaced with Manual CPC Bid in the new campaign. If you paste or import an item with a flexible bid strategy to a different account, it will be converted into the manual CPC strategy.

Apart from the Flexible bidding strategy, if you are using any other method like Conversion Optimiser, CPA Bidding, or automatic bidding, as like the previous point every other method will be replaced with manual CPC.

Bids and budgets: If you move bids and budgets between accounts on different currencies, the numbers will remain the same, which means the monetary values will change. Please ensure that you’re comfortable with the resulting values or that you adjust the values. Google does not take responsibility for adjusting bids and budgets and is not liable for any consequences resulting from carrying over the same values between accounts using different currencies.